Jan Prochazka

The name that has been here for nearly 20 years, representing the highest quality level of limousine services in Prague.

The company which has been exclusively providing services for Four Seasons and Mandarin Oriental hotels for more than five years.

The company which has decided to expand, so now our exceptional limousines are here for you to be discovered and experienced.

 Procházka limousines s.r.o.

The fleet of 19 brand new vehicles. All of them were individually designed making every effort to be the most comfortable and luxurious available. The private car wash makes sure that all vehicles are always immaculately clean, fresh and at their very best condition.
Fluent English-speaking drivers are a matter of course.
Daily operated office and non stop dispatching.

Years of hard work provided all necessary experience I needed to prove you that, with our flexibility and the highest-level services, we can compete anyone in this business, not only in Prague and the Czech Republic itself but also in most of our neighboring countries.

It is my pleasure to present you our company in all aspects.
You are very welcome to visit our gallery of photographs.

Jan Prochazka

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